Who are ACE Canoes?

The ACE brand has been around since the early 1970s and not only manufactures its own products but many other market leading brands for a worldwide customer base. With an ACE product you are buying a UK made quality product.

Do you have stockists near me?

Currently we sell our product direct from our factory in North Wales, this helps keeps the costs down by not having agents and dealers in every location. You will see our product on other websites but all product is shipped factory direct.

For Scotland please contact JP Watersports our sole Scottish supplier


JP Watersports: Home

How much is shipping?

Our standard delivery costs are highlighted on the main website, we can ship anywhere in the world. You can also collect direct from the factory in North Wales.

What other equipment do I require?

You will require a paddle or an oar depending on which type of boat you purchase. We also recommend everyone should wear a buoyancy aid who gets in and type of water craft.

What is best way to store my kayak or canoe?

We recommend storing  under cover out of the UV light, however all of our products are made of UV stabilised plastics and will reform to original shape. Ideally store on a rack off the ground, kayaks on their side and canoes upside down.

Can I view at the factory?

Yes we can arrange viewing of all our products at a convenient time.

Why should I buy from ACE and not from someone else?

As the customer you have the right to buy from whoever you want to. If you buy from we are confident that you will be happy with the product as a watercraft and the quality of this UK made product.  Also being UK made any issues we are ideally placed to deal with.